Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Four Lions

Well fellow followers I am in a bit of a problem. I would like to peruse the act of indulging in a bit of topical humour and as such have found myself in the position of acquiring the intelligently named Four Lions. This film portrays the struggle of four Muslim gentlemen who through what I believe to be no direct fault of there own find there way unwittingly into the path of terrorism. As this topic is deemed as greatly taboo it seems that this film could either be a huge success or a complete and utter failure. Due to the nature of the film I am unsure whether I will enjoy it or whether it will be a sad waste of time. The mostly likely circumstance is that I will watch the film later today and in turn write a review for my followers to see.

Edit: Well it seems that yesterdays goal is as yet unaccomplished. The indulgence of a late night movie was one I was not willing to meet. However, I still have time and the goal of yesterday may be accomplished today.

Thank you,
Mr Anon.

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Saturday, 28 August 2010

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